Saturday, 4 September 2010

Present for Mayu.

OK, so I LOVE thsi blog: Its about Mayu's adventure's on Animal Crossing. So, I decided to make her a present:
Lol, sorry Mayu. Mikis head went worng. and I couldnt get it ant bigger. And Harus dressed like that because of the last post I saw her in...I hope you like it though!

I cant find ANY gunny bears! Im gonn ahve to buy a packet of Haribo....
Disney002 over and out!


  1. Oh wow! I didn't expect this :o
    THANKS so much for drawing all my charas! :D :D
    They're sooo cute lol, I really appreciate it a lot ^^
    I hope you don't mind when I put this pic into my Fan Art gallery? :)

    I'll put also your blog into my blogroll, thanks so much again :D

    Greetings Mayu

  2. Im glad you like it! I dont mind at all. Thank you VERY much for putting me in your blogroll, I apprecate it.

  3. I HATE it when I can't find gummy bears! Also, I love your drawing! Super cute!

  4. They all look so cute together!

  5. I read My ACWW photo diary. I love it. I love how ACWW brings people together... :)